Did You Save Anything?

Well, here we are again. We are back on “Standard” Time. We just ended six months of Daylight Saving Time. And my question to you is what did you end up saving during those months? How would your life have been different if we never changed from Standard Time? Have you ever wondered or thought about that? I remember as a kid wondering why the time would always change. As an adult I’m still wondering.

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I know I’ve heard the story about how supposedly Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea to save the daylight hours way back when.  Actually, according to the History Channel, the idea started in England with William Willett.  But England did not follow the idea until Germany during World War I embraced the idea to conserve electricty.  America later also jumped on the bandwagon as a wartime measure.  Surprisingly, farmers were not in favor of the idea despite what most of us have been told.  The law was even repealed in 1919 due in part to farmer’s objections to it.  World War II brought it back again.  But until 1966 there was no uniform day when it would start or stop.

Courtesy of Pixabay

But does it make sense now? Do we really have a need to save any daylight these days? What do you think? Should we be like Arizona and keep time the same year round? What real benefit do you think having Daylight Saving Time gives you?

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