DIY Pallets

So, My friend, who owns a ranch, wanted to get rid of a ton of pallets. I have been researching (Pinterest), and I found tons of ideas for repurposing ballets.

Here are different DIY Pallet ideas:

-Make a living room set: Power tools will be needed, but with a few extra materials, you can have a sofa, chairs, and even a coffee table.
-Do some gardening: You won’t need much, just some plants, seeds, soil, and gardening tools. You can make a pop-up garden easy! Unless you want to go all out and create a full garden out of the pallet wood. You can also make a wall herb garden
-Make a bar: You can create the perfect place to store your libations. You could put it on wheels and make it portable!
-Make a pool: With some power tools, a tarp, and some water. You can create your backyard pool! Perfect for our hot and summer days.
-Make an outdoor picnic table: Power tools and some paint could help you create the ultimate outdoor dining space! Party on the Patio!!!
-Yard: Use them as storage areas doe your yard tools.
-Home decor: THere are so many different things you can create! Something like a trunk and storage bin, coffee tables, bookshelves, and wall hangers for your mudroom
-Make your bed cooler: You can create a bed frame. Be fancy and add drawers too
-Keep in your pets and animals: MAke a fence out of them!

There are so many more things you can do with pallets. Don’t throw them away; Recycle them!!

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