Hygge Summer Essentials

Summer is here!!!! Even though it is not my favorite season (mainly because of the heat), it is still a great season to hygge. Living that hygge life of comfortable and cozy bliss is the perfect way to enjoy summer. I have to admit, most of my hygging is done outdoors during the summer. Let me tell you why…

For those of you who don’t know what Hygge is, It is the Art of living comfortably and cozy. It is about experiencing calm and enjoying a cozy environment. So here are my summer Hygge Essentials.

-Candles: This is always a must-have. Candles set the mood and help embrace the calm.
-Soft Linen: clean Linen is breathable, and it is still comfortable. I use Linen for my curtains and other fabrics for summer.
-Pale/Bright colors: the colors in my house change. I still have my neutral colors, but I add in brighter, paler, shades.
-Storms: One of my favorite summer past times is to sit on the back patio and watch the summer rains and winds. It’s a perfect time to reflect on life. Plus, they can be so pretty.
-Go for Walks: I am still walking and embracing the calm of the outdoors.
-Bake a pie: since I am eating more fruit in the summer, I often find myself baking more…especially pies. My favorite right now is a mixed berry pie.
-Reading: As always, I am still reading.
-Meals: I move my meals to midday. Having my heaviest meal in the middle of the day makes it easier on my digestive system, and it keeps me feeling light and airy. My meals, mainly still crockpot meals, but they are also fresh and clean. We are doing a lot of fresh veggies and salads.
-Plants and garden: There is always something cozy about greenery. I am in my garden a lot in the summer, but I also like having a lot of indoor plants to help e become one with nature.
– Exercises: I am doing my yoga, stretching, and mediation outside this year, and I love every minute of it. now, if I could just get this whole warrior pose/balance thing figured out.
-Pampering Myself: I still have self-care Fridays, but now there are more baths but also colder showers.
-Oils: My oils have changed, and I am pushing the citrus and eucalyptus.
– Temperatures: In summer, I keep my thermostat between 68-72. yes… having a Nest thermostat with he eco-friendly settings help.
-Drinks: I am still drinking cucumber /lime waters, but I am also infusing berries into my waters. I am also drinking a lot of sparkling water lately…so refreshing. Also….still drinking coffee.
-Music: I keep mt music light and peaceful. Right now, I am currently listening to rainforest and amazon sounds with relaxing music.
-Barfoot: I keep my shoes off and my feet free for summer. I like walking in the grass and feeling the cold tile on my feet. It helps regulate my body temp, and it is super comfortable.
-Water: Because it is summer, I am all about getting in the pool and checking out the beach (probably not so much this year). I am in the pool a lot this summer. there is something relaxing about being in the water.

And that is how I get a little Hygge into my summer. What do you love about summer?

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