My Birthday Blog: 32 Rules to a Great Life

Well, I have survived another year! I am a little older and a little wiser. (At least I think so.) Even though I have so much more to learn, I feel like I am finally at a place in my life that I have learned valuable lessons. So I want to share with you the thirty- two lessons/rules that I have learned in my life — one for every year I have spent on this earth. 

1. Be Original; you will stand out more
2. Be both equal parts, follower and leader.
3. Learn valuable lessons/skills from every job.
4. Be Humble
5. Your biggest fans are your parents and yourself
6. Celebrate all moments/successes, no matter how big or small.
7. Be Passionate about your career. If you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life.
8. You only have one body, don’t mess it up
9. Stay away from Toxic Relationships.
10. If a relationship is not equal, then it is not worth your time.
11. Be Patient
12. You will always get more flies with honey
13. If you are not going to use it (material items) more than once, then You don’t need it.
14. Your Dreams Matter
15. When a boat sinks, make sure the passengers are safe. (if your team fails, you fail)
16. Learn from all your mistakes.
18. Do it right the first time
19. Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control
20. You are the captain of your emotional boat
21. Own up to your mistakes
22. Don’t judge others. You don’t know the complete story.
23. Cherish precious life; Smile and enjoy life every day.
24. Let go of all the pain of the past.
25. Have fun! Take time to unwind
26. Treat yourself often
27. Don’t trust your memory. Write it down
28. Fads and trends don’t work or last. Routine is key.
29. Don’t settle for anything. Aim for the best.
30. When in doubt, youtube it, google it, or ask mom.
31. The worst thing they can say is no. So try anyway.
32. Surround yourself with love.

Thirty-two years is a long time. I’m getting older! At least I have learned a lot over the years!!

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