My Valentine’s Day Plans

Well….Valentine’s Day is Friday, and I will be spending it….alone. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. For the first time in my life, I can truly say that I love myself. Plus I got a babysitter for Valentine’s DAY. So…why not treat myself to a perfect VAlentine’s Day alone. Here is what I have planned.

So, My Day will start with…Breakfast:
I plan on enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee with eating an over easy/medium egg with heart happed pieces of toast. I plan on having a side of bacon and a bowl of heart-shaped fruit.

After breakfast, I plan to..Gussy Up:
I am thinking of a nice hot bubble bath or a shower. Then I will do some light grooming, including putting on makeup and doing my hair.

Once I am ready to leave the house, It will be time to…Pamper Myself:
I plan on getting my nails done. I am thinking “Single Girl Red” or something snazzy like it! I might also treat myself to a Starbucks special and a macaroon!

After my nails are done, It will be time to…Catch a Movie:
I haven’t entirely decided if I want to see Dolittle or Birds of Prey. What do you think? Dolittle is playing at 11:30. That should be a perfect time.

Finally, After my movie…It will be time for Lunch/Dinner:
Yes, I plan on having dinner by myself. I haven’t decided how fancy I want it. I will have to choose between my favorite (Italian food- I love pasta/pizza) or a craving (Steak and Potatoes). That is going to be a hard decision.

Afterward, it will be time to go home to my son and spend the rest of my Valentine’s Day cuddling with him! It sounds like a great Valentine’s Day!!! What are you doing for V-Day!

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