Staycation at Home

I need a vacation. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, traveling is out of the question for me. So, instead of catching COVID, I plan on having a mini Vacation to reset my mind. Here are my Staycation Tips. 

-Set the mood: If you were planning to go to the beach, then make your beach atmosphere in your back yard or living room. I have a pool, so I got a beach chair, a cooler, beach towels, and a portable speaker. I put on some wave sound effects and laid out by the pool. Did some reading and tanning. 

-Pamper yourself: For me, going to a spa is not on my to-do list, but if I was on a cruise. I would totally be getting that Swedish massage! So instead. I have a spa day where I have a soothing herbal bath and sit in our massage chair while listening to Tibetan singing bowls. 

-Nap and Sleep In: Take the time to rest. That is the most important thing

-Experience new things: Because of the Pandemic Air BNB has online services where you can do online activities that you would typically do on your vacation. I learned how to make tapas, and I also learned how to taste wines with a certified sommelier

-Eat exotic foods: Were you planning a trip to Italy? Well…if you can’t go to Italy right now, then why not bring Italy to you. (or any other county) Find a website or a recipe book from that country and make some foods for a delectable meal that will transport you away from home….in your mind, at least. I am working on the Disney Epcot meal list. I found a website that has all types of foods from many different places

-Learn a new language: Who knows…one day it might be safe to travel again. And when that day comes, you will want to be prepared. I am working on Italian right now using Duolingo

-Go for a hike: There are many hiking places in our area, plus you can still social distancing. Check out our blog post for the best places to hike in the Ark-La-Tex.

-Go camping: Yep. I put up my tent in my back yard! It was perfect during the weekend. My family and I did some stargazing and saw the Neowise Comet!!!

-Picnic: Want to enjoy the outdoors? Have a picnic in the backyard. GO through the process of making the basket and picking the spot! don’t forget to take your portable speaker for that you can set the ambiance.

-Unplug: When I am on vacation, The last thing I want to do is work. So I will schedule some time to completely unplug. No internet, no emails, no phone….no nothing! 

-Take a virtual tour: If you are like me, when you travel for vacation, you like to take tours and visit museums. Guess what?!?! some museums and aquariums offer online tours. Check out my favorites.

-READ: I don’t know about you, but when I read, I always feel like I am taking a vacation and enjoying the world that is created just for me to experience. What are you reading right now?

These are just a few things that I do to enjoy a staycation at the house. What are you doing instead of going on a vacation? Are you vacationing? If so, where are you going?

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