How do you taste the rainbow?

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic Skittles slogan “Taste the Rainbow,” the candy company conducted a survey among adults in the U.S. The criteria of the survey is you have to have eaten Skittles in the last three months.

This is likely news to you (and me), but how you eat your Skittles, and which color you prefer, says A LOT about you!

Taste the rainbow?

Yellow – Among other discoveries, they found that America is not crazy about yellow Skittles. According to the findings, only 6% of Skittles eaters prefer the yellow ones.

Red – Not a big surprise, but those that love the red Skittles are more likely to identify as hopeless romantics and are more likely to be in a relationship. Awwww.

Green – I sure hope the green Skittles aren’t your favorites… lovers of the green are single, and are 50 percent more likely than other single Skittles eaters to have been ghosted by their dates. OUCH!

Orange – Love you some orange Skittles? Orange Skittles eaters are more likely to respond immediately to friends’ text messages. You’re good people, orange Skittles eaters!

How do you eat the rainbow?

And just as important as the color, how you eat your Skittles says a lot about you.

Nearly half of those surveyed eat Skittles by the handful, 31 percent grab a few at a time, and 20 percent eat only one at a time.

BUT if you prefer to eat your Skittles one by one you are more likely to leave a party without saying goodbye, you are a shy dater, you’re less likely to message people first on dating apps, and you hang your toilet paper in the “over position.” HAHAHA (that TP thing kills me)!

So what does your Skittles eating habits say about you? Taste the Rainbow!

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