Thanksgiving Dinner Challenge- Cooking Plan

As this challenge is coming to a close, It is getting easier. After the chaos of shopping yesterday, I can relax a bit and get into the zone of cooking. I plan on playing for some relaxing autumn music (or holiday music), making some hot apple cider, and cooking away. The only challenge I have to deal with today is, what do I cook first? Based on time, what order do you cook a thanksgiving dinner?

Since I am prepping the night before, I have a simple plan. I am going to bake desserts first. Then I will marinate the meats to refrigerate overnight. Then after that, I will work on some of the sides. Preferably, I will prepare the easiest ones; Chopping up vegetables, making the cornbread for the dressing, and cleaning and cooking veggies for my casseroles. That way, tomorrow, I will only have to put everything together and bake them. Then it will be time for a break.

The next morning, I will start back with my meats. Turkey goes in the oven first. It takes the longest to cook. I want to cook it until it is 160 degrees in the center. Then, my garlic rosemary chicken goes in. After I free up an oven, I will prepare the pre-cooked holiday ham, adding my special touches.

Once the meats are cooked, It will be time to finish the rest of the menu. The last things I cook are my appetizers. Once every dish is completely finished, I will reheat (as needed) and plate…Then it is time to eat! It seems like a pretty good plan, but we all know….”The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” -Robert Burns

What about you? What are your thanksgiving cooking plans?

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