The benefits of “Dry January”

Courtesy of Pixabay

Are you partaking in “Dry January?” Dry January is a movement to forgo booze for the month, after the over-celebration that happens from November to December 31st.

It might be a little painful to skip your evening cocktail, but not only is it healthy, but there’s an added bonus, saving money. Maybe we can put that toward our holiday credit card bill!

Of the Millennials surveyed, more than half say they’re participating in Dry January by not drinking alcohol and apparently seeing some big improvements in their bank accounts. Millennials spend on average three hundred bucks a month on booze (what?!) nearly double what Gen Xers spend. Boomers spend less than a hundred a month.

80 percent of Millennials say the “Dry January” experience has been a reality check on how much alcohol affects their finances.

What about you? Are you doing a dry January? Or are you like me, and no idea it was a thing? lol Maybe I’ll do it next year!

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