The Greatest Debut Songs of All Time [VIDEO]

Rolling Stone Magazine has been busy during the pandemic. Some of their staff writers has compiled one hundred of (in their opinion) the Greatest Debut Songs of All Time.

The majority of the songs are pop; there’s a little country thrown in, too. There are even some tunes that we have never heard before… but maybe you have. The songs go back to the 1950’s, up to today.

Enjoy the list…and a few of the more worthy songs that literally helped launch the performers to stardom, if only for their fifteen minutes, in some cases.

Coming in at #100…it was country. It was pop. It had a good beat and it was easy to dance to. You can hear it on KPGG 103.9 and 98.5,

Right in the middle, at # 50 on this list…the Knack. Shouldn’t they be considered one-hit wonders, as well? Going back to 1979.

And at the top of the Rolling Stone list?  From 1999, that Louisiana Disney Mouseketeer herself as heard on KEWL 95.1 and :

The article is interesting, a good read, and a lot of fun. Bonus: you’ll stumble upon some new music, to you, anyway.

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