Top 5 BEST Puppets in 80s Movies

I have been watching tons of movies from the 80s. Which is why I made a list! One of the things that I enjoy about the movies is the awesome puppetry and all the animatronics. There are some really talented people in the world. So here is my list of the top five BEST puppets from 80s movies.

5.Labyrinth: Pretty much the entire cast (They are all great)
4.Audrey 2:Little Shop of Horrors (I love that Cannibalistic Plant)
3. The Empire Strikes Back: Yoda (for all my Star Wars fans)
2. Alien: The Alien Queen (SOOOOOO MUC DETAIL!!!)
1. Gremlins: The Gremlins (They are sooo cute, Unless you let them eat after midnight!)

Do you agree with my less? Which ones would be in your top 5?

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