Transit Funds Approved in Texas

  • The Texas Transportation Commission approved approximately $76 million in transit funding at its June meeting. (Actual total: $76,119,986)
    • State funds: $35 million
    • Federal funds: $41 million
  • The approval awards funds to public transportation providers in rural, small urban, and large urban areas.

          Funds go towards operating costs such as service and maintenance of vehicles and facilities.

    • It’s up to each individual transit agency to determine what eligible expenses they pay for with this funding.
  • This annual funding allocation does not come from recent Congressional Acts aimed to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • TxDOT funding provided nearly 27 million transit rides in Fiscal Year 2019.
  • These transit services are an essential part of life for thousands of people across Texas. Nearly 70% of riders use these services to get to work, medical appointments or shopping. Transit also helps Texans get to schools, colleges and job training sites, as well as family trips, personal business and social/recreational travel.

Transit funding administered by TxDOT supports programs serving 41% of the state’s population and over 96% of the state’s land area.

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