Weird Things Southerners Do

The other day, I came across a facebook post about how Southerners eat pickles in the Movie theatre and how the rest of the US doesn’t not. It’s funny! I didn’t know that eating pickles in the movie theatre was a weird thing! In fact, I remember in high school (before we snuck in snacks), we would eat the pickles through a straw. How, you ask? By repeatedly stabbing and sucking through the straw. It’s weird, I know. Here are some other weird things that Southerns do

-Calling our carbonated drinks, cokes
-Overdoing our Homecoming mums
-Sugar in our sweet tea
-Line Dancing
-Our obsession with High School and College football (Football in general)
-Being Too Nice
-Peanuts in our coca-cola
-Our accents
-Abbreviations (you are not= y’aint)
-Big Hats
-Backroad driving/ Mudding

Southerners…we are a weird bunch, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Am I missing anything off my list? What weird things do you think southerners do?

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