Youtube Academy

If you are like me, then you always have stuff to do, from the laundry to writing, I am always busy. But I tell you what…It is hard to accomplish things with a teething baby. THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE! Yes, I am that mom. Try not to mommy shame me too much. I often lay my son on his TeePee pallet with toys and turn on youtube, but you know what….most of them are educational. So, of course, I compiled a list—the next time you need to get work done around the house. Just switch on youtube and get busy. 

3 months to 1 year:

Hey Bear-

Tiny Adventures-

Lullaby Baby-

1- Pre K years old:

Dave and Ava-

Baby Joy joy-

Chu Chu-


Elementary School:

Homeschool Pop-

Peekaboo Kidz:

Middle School and older:


Crash Course Kids-

SO there you have it. A way of keeping the kids/Teens occupied when you have stuff to do! What are your favorite videos for your kids?

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